Friday, February 18, 2011

Chapter 1 "They Say"- Exercise #1

A. Our experiments suggest that there are dangerous levels of chemical X in the Ohio groundwater.
-Due to complications within our clean water system, the environmental agency made many people concerned that unsafe materials may have contaminated the groundwater. An experiment was conducted and found dangerous levels of chemical X, just to be sure, more experiments should be conducted to prove that harmful chemical contaminated the water supply.

B. Material forces drive history.
-Need assistance

C. Proponents of Freudian psychology question standard notions of "rationality."
-Need assistance

D. Male students often dominate class discussions.
-After observing todays Math class, it seems to be true that males dominate more in class discussions. Do they only dominate in discussions that they are interested in?

E. The film is about the problems of romantic relationships.
-Due to the suspense, resolution, drama, and relationship building displayed in the film, I could conclude that the film was about problems rising in romantic relationships.

F. I'm afraid that templates like the ones in this book will stifle my creativity.
-The templates in this book portray a sense of structure rather than originality. Because of the way it structures my writing, I'm afraid that my creativity will be stifled.

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